Now more than ever homeowners can’t keep up with their mortgage payments. Many are already in default on their home loan. If you are facing the unpleasant reality of foreclosure, you need to know that there is a way to deal with this process should and not be worried about additional costs, lawyers, processors and negotiators, will be working with your case at no cost. The moment the short sale closes you will be able to walk freely from the debt, and take advantage of the incentives that banks are offering to homeowners (up to $20,000) or more to move out.

No Cost Short Sale Processing

Like any other normal real estate transaction a short sale has a Realtor and Title Company and/or Attorney to work on, coordinate and close the transaction. These professionals have years of experience working with property owners who were in similar situations you may be in. They are also used to getting paid at the time of closing which is beneficial to you because they are typically ready and willing to help you up front, knowing that if they successfully complete the process they will at some point be paid for their assistance. Understand that your bank will allow certain closing costs like transfer taxes, Realtors commission and Title Company Fees to be covered from the proceeds so essentially, there are no out of pocket expenses to you the property owner.